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Why PET CT Scans are so Important in Cancer Diagnosis?

Full body PET-CT Scans are quite helpful in identifying the exact cause of cancer cells and the current condition of cancer affected areas. A small amount of radioactive substance (also called as Contrast material) will be injected during the PET CT Scan procedure for getting a detailed view on the impact caused by cancer cells in the patient’s body.

PET CT scan machine is designed in a combination of CT & PET Scan, in which CT Scanners are able to provide detailed pictures of inner organs and the PET scanner plays it role in exploring the detailed functionality of such organs. Together PET & CT Scanners produce accurate images which can easily identify the abnormalities in your body more accurate than any other radiology procedure.

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Cancer detection

Cancer detection and treatment

PET CT scans are most commonly used in cancer treatment. The scan gives very clear, color images of the entire body and allows a doctor to see how the organs both look like and function.

It can help detect stages of cancer, how effective chemotherapy is working spread of an existing condition, and much more.



Post booking an appointment, some instructions need to be followed before the day of the test. Failing to follow them may mean cancellation of the appointment.

  • A doctor prescription is absolutely mandatory.
  • The patient should carry a recent Serum Creatinine or Kidney Profile report. It should not be older than 4-5 days.
  • Eat a low carbohydrate and low sugar diet the day before the scan
  • Eat a light breakfast, like idli or poha, 6 hours before the appointment time
  • Do not eat any food or drink anything after the breakfast. 6 hours of fasting is required
  • You can drink some water and take your regular medications
Except during scan

What to expect during the scan

The center will help you and guide you through the entire day. Roughly speaking, the process will function as below:

  • Please read the preparations given below to ensure your appointment is honored and you get the test done
  • Once you arrive at the center, the technician or nurse will setup an IV and inject the nuclear medicine (FDG) into your body
  • You will then have to wait 60-90 minutes to allow the FDG to circulate throughout the body
  • There will be other people waiting alongside you to get the scan done
  • Once after the other, you will be asked to enter the PET CT scan room
  • You may be asked to wear a gown and remove any metallic object from your body (like watch, earrings, etc)
  • The scan takes roughly 30 minutes
  • The entire process described above can take 3-6 hours
Nuclear medicine

Nuclear Medicine

A Whole Body PET CT scan is the most commonly prescribed scan.

PET CT scan is part of Nuclear Medicine. This means, that it uses radioactive injected material to identify tissues from one another. This radioactive injection acts like a tracer and is given to the patient before the scan is conducted.

This radioactive compound used is called FDG, which is very similar to glucose. Cancerous cells use more glucose and FDG since they are metabolically more active than the surrounding cells. This makes them brighter or more lit up on the scan and therefore identifiable.


PET CT Scan cost / price

Most diagnostic centers and hospitals offer Whole Body PET CT scans at Rs 23,000 - 26,000. We offer the lowest priced PET CT scan in the city at a high quality.

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